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Saving Energy = Saving Money

Variable Drive Pumps
Standard pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined – often costing more than $1,000 per year! We have pumps can cut energy use up to 90%, saving $620 to $1,360* in utility costs annually – more where rates are higher than average.

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps transfer heat from the atmosphere to the pool or spa, saving up to 80% in energy costs compared to other heaters.

Automated Color-Changing and White Lights
LED (Light Emitting Diode) pool and spa lights are the most energy-efficient pool and spa lighting option available. In addition, they last longer, minimizing replacement cost and disposal.

By automating and synchronizing equipment scheduling, control systems can optimize energy use and equipment performance, while preventing problems and waste when users rely on their memories or limited time clocks to operate or deactivate equipment.

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