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Scheduling an energy audit with SEL Contractor is your first step to a healthier and more comfortable home or office.

Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your house or workplace, seeking out all of the most significant sources of energy loss. Our range of performance tests are designed to uncover where air leaks, moisture infiltration, and loss of energy efficiency are most critical. Using the most advanced technology, we will pinpoint where leaks in duct work, leaky window seals, and other energy “holes” are draining money from your wallet and decreasing heating and cooling efficiency.

After completing your energy audit, we will give you answers to questions such as:

  • Why is my monthly power bill so high?
  • Why am I spending so much to heat and cool my home?
  • Is it worth it to upgrade to one of the new “tankless” water heaters?
  • What other changes can I make to reduce my monthly energy costs?
  • How can I tell when my home or office is truly energy efficient?
  • Do I have to sacrifice comfort for energy efficiency?

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