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Power Up Your Business with Solar!

Clean, safe and totally reliable, solar is the world’s most abundant power source. It’s also affordable, a fantastic investment and great for the planet. Why go solar? At SEL, we like to say WHY NOT?

If you own a business or commercial building, we think you should control your own power. After all, controlling your own power means significantly reducing or even eliminating your costs. In this day and age, who doesn’t want to save money and maximize their investment? More importantly, it means you’ll be making a difference in our world and doing some good for the environment.


Diagnose, Analyze, Recommend

Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your workplace commercial building, seeking out all of the most significant sources of energy loss. Our range of performance tests are designed to uncover where air leaks, moisture infiltration, and loss of energy efficiency are most critical. Using the most advanced technology, we will pinpoint where leaks in duct work, leaky window seals, and other energy “holes” are draining money from your wallet and decreasing heating and cooling efficiency.


Professional team with years of experience

We can provide a full and pleasant general contractor experience on your next business project. We are specialized in the management of commercial projects. SEL Construction is a company with many years of experience, outstanding customer service and a history of great quality work.

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