There is no doubt solar energy is the future, but do you know the questions you should be asking your solar installer before deciding to put solar on your home? While every home and every customer is different, of course, here are just a few of the most common questions that we recommend you ask before going solar:

  1. Does your installation partner have a good reputation?–You want to be certain that after your system is installed it will meet your energy needs and produce at least as much power as possible. SEL Construction will spend the time to fully assess your home, your past power bills and your energy goals. SEL will back our work with an industry leading warranty, as well as a strong service and support team.
  2. What are my payment options, and is financing worth it?– Depends on you.  SEL Construction has lease options and purchase plans.  We work with you and the banks to check interest rates and terms on any loans to avoid paying excessive interest that could reduce the savings you will see from solar energy long term. In addition, currently there is a 30% federal tax credit.
  3. How does my roof affect my solar energy output?– Energy output can vary by the angle of your roof and the shading it casts on the area. SEL Construction will do a site evaluation with you, determine your energy needs and recommend the equipment that will be most efficient.
  4. How will you protect my roof from leaking?– During the installation, SEL Construction uses material specific to your application to protect your home or property from leaks.
  5. Do I need a permit, and if so, will they get it for me?– You cannot get on the electrical grid if your system is not up to code, so we will be there to get the credentials before any work commences. SEL Construction knows these, secures and includes any necessary permits related to your solar installation.