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Nick Huppe

Nick Huppe

Informative | Decisive | Passionate

Director of Sales


3 Years in the Industry

Streamlined and Created the Sales System for SEL

Positions Held:

  • Supervisor
  • Department Manager
  • Estimator
  • Sales Manager


  • Pebble Beach Resorts
  • Firewood Sales Company
  • Del Oro High School

Established a good rapport with Jayson back in high school.  I was working for Pebble Beach before Jayson recruited me and during that time, I was learning about the importance of selling yourself to the customer, no matter what position you are working for in a company.  I believe Jayson saw professional qualities in me.

I’ve been working in the hospitality industry for the last 8 years and during that time, I’ve developed a knack for customer service.  I worked in a few restaurants, and I’ve worked at the hospitality Mecca of the world, Pebble Beach Resorts.  Throughout the years, I’ve obtained the skills to handle every type of customer.  Customer satisfaction is my number one priority in every profession I take on.  It’s all about the customer and exceeding their expectations.

I’m caring for the customer’s needs.  If the customer is having a problem, I’m looking for a solution.  No matter the situation or problem, I feel there is always a solution for the customer to exceed their expectations.

My last career was with Pebble Beach Co.  I entered the company as a busser and, due to my work history, I was trained to work every position in the restaurant other than chef (even though I like to cook).  I moved from that position to a supervisor position in which I was interim department manager for Room Service for a few months.  Before this, I ran a seasonal firewood sales company and was head coaching the varsity tennis team for Del Oro High School.  I have also worked at one other golf course and another restaurant.

Coming from a hospitality background, I’m all about making the customer happy no matter what it takes.  If I can go into a home and be able to save somebody thousands of dollars by going solar, then I’m a happy camper.

I love competition.  I’m naturally driven towards sports but, any competition is something that will typically spark my interests.  I played football in college for two years and really enjoyed the team dynamic and competing for a starting position, even though I wasn’t able to ever obtain one at the college level.  I also love spending time with family and friends.  Family reunions will typically give me stories for a year coming from a family with nineteen aunts and uncles.

You can typically find me at the golf course.  If I’m not helping the parents with their new catering and sauce jarring company, I’m usually hitting the links.  I also enjoy making trips down to Monterey to see the girlfriend and enjoying the sites and hiking of Monterey county.

I’ve been working for the company for 1 year now but have been doing firewood sales for the past 12 years.  My brother and I decided to start doing the firewood sales when I was a freshman in high school.  We would run the company every year from the end of Fall to the beginning of Spring.

I grew up in Loomis and I just moved back a few months ago from Monterey, Ca.  I needed some change and was really excited to go work for a company as incredible as Pebble Beach Co.  I moved back to Loomis for this job and am excited to be back in a town I love so much.  I love the people of Loomis and how they all take on the attitude of Loomis’ motto: “A small town is like a big family”

When I was in college, I was volunteering at an elementary school in Sacramento.  I was in charge of an after school program which kept kids out of trouble from the hours 3-5pm, until their parents could pick them up.  We ran mentally and physically stimulating activities for children ranging from 2nd – 4th grade.

St. Jude, don’t know why.  My parents donate to them though.

National Red Zone Player of the Year 2004-05; Scholar-Athlete of the year in the Sacramento region; Level One Sommelier; Walked on to two different collegiate level football teams (CSU Sacramento & Cal Poly, SLO)

My favorite thing to do in life is being adventurous with food.  I love trying new foods from all over and from different cultures.  If it’s something I haven’t tried before, then I’m more than likely, going to give it a try.  Needless to say, I’m passionate about food.  It comes from my grandma being 100% Italian and always cooking amazing meals for the family.  So, I think it would be impossible to give up meat.  I came from a family where dinner was served with a carbohydrate, some sort of vegetable, and the centerpiece of the meal being the meat.

If somebody didn’t like to have a good time, then I would say they probably wouldn’t enjoy working with me.  As long as we are able to be productive, while having a good time.

As a loving and caring friend and family member.  I would want to be remembered as a positive person who brought smiles to other people’s faces.

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