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Creative | Decisive | Innovative

Cheap Prozac uk - Buy Prozac in dubai


10 Years in the Industry

Streamlined and Created a Financial Gain in Material Costing for Ground Mount System

Created Processes and Procedures for a Company Structure that Tripled the Revenue over 2 Years

Created Business Process that Obtained #1 Regional Integrator

Positions Held:

  • Installer
  • Crew Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Estimator
  • General Manager


  • Premier Power
  • SolarECity
  • Coldwell Solar
  • Scudder Solar

11 Years in the alternative energy industry starting from the very very bottom and working my way up powered by a strong vision of efficiency and sustainability.

The ability to produce a construction project seamlessly and professionally through all varieties of customer with not letting service fall below par.

Known for creating a custom application specific to the customer needs/wants as well as specific to the site and its potential restrictions.

Worked with many private, public, for profit and non profit organizations creating specifications and projects that are financially and environmentally appealing

Professionally I love being able to come to someone’s home, place of business, or field and create answers to their energy problems.  All aspects of the sustainability and efficiency  of a home or business is what drives the passion.

My family, my beautiful better half and my handsome son

Outside with the family enjoying new things, new foods, new areas.

I have been in the solar industry for over 10 years

With offices in both northern California and Central California, I am fortunate enough to visit a lot of neat places and live where I grew up in Loomis, CA

I am a strong believer in youth sports.  It creates a positive atmosphere with strong influences of hard work, teamwork, and discipline.  I attest a lot of my success to the men and women that supported the outh sports programs throughout my childhood and teenage years

Boy Scouts, Child Advocacy, Trade School Programs

Multiple Manufacture and Vendor certifications as well as certified electrician

An opportunity to work with alternative energy out of the country

My mission is to always find the right project for a customer functionally and financially, through that process, a customer may be offended by being bias to another contractor and the lack of information they provided him or her for their project.

I want to be known as someone that is part of an elite group of professionals creating and maintaining amazing projects.

Call SEL today at 1-855-call-SEL for a FREE Home or Property Consultation